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About Us
Hello, We're Crockett Honey
A little bit about us and our history

Crockett Honey Co. was founded in 1945 and has been servicing the Southwest with high quality honey and service ever since. Crockett Honey Co. now operates 6500 beehives along the Colorado River in Parker, AZ. Our bottling facility is located in Tempe, Arizona. Crockett Honey Co. is family owned and operated. Our promise is to provide our customers with a high quality and safe product.

We at Crockett Honey Co. produce and package the finest honeys of the Southwest. The Sonoran Deserts produce a mild delicate flavored honey from many desert floral sources. These sources include Cactus, Mesquite, Catclaw, Palo Verde, as well as many other flowering plants. These honeys are unique in that they are only produced in the Sonoran Desert regions.

Our desert honey is 100% pure and natural. Honey is Nature’s Natural Sweetener and is proven to be more easily digestible than refined sugars. We do nothing to the honey except carefully package it in a manner that will not alter its natural quality or change its delicate and mild flavor. We also offer honeys not produced in the Sonoran Deserts.

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